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“I have been learning with James for the past 3 years and my playing is on a completely different level now”

John Mann, Professional Musician

“From learning with James, my daughter's confidence and enjoyment of music has improved so much! James' passion for music is infectious and makes us smile from start to finish."


“I decided to learn at Melbourne Drumming to enhance my skills and precision with the high-end technology James uses. I was blown away with the results! My timing, accuracy, control and precision has all improved dramatically."

Anton, 25

“It’s not easy to find a teacher who is patient with beginners, but James Lewis Fox is definitely one of them! My children have learned and enjoyed themselves so much, and love sharing their new skills with me.”

Casey James

“James helped me finish the first 4 Rock School Drum Books with high distinctions in each grade. He made me think not just about the notes but how to play the style accurately. I'm looking forward to the Grade 5 exams now. It is a lot of hard work, but really fun."

Sam, 16

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