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Melbourne Drumming has developed over a number of years a superior Drum Kit examination, where students are fairly assessed and receive feedback via a certificate, report and professional recording.

Playing Drums

Graded Exams

Melbourne Drumming Exams are equivalent to Rock School and Trinity College London, from Grades 0 - 8, however the exams are a lot more detailed and provide a thorough feedback process

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Playing Drums


The requirements are simple and very similar to Rock School:

1. PLay 3 songs of an appropriate level on an acoustic or electronic kit (at least two with a backing track).

2. Demonstrate fundamental technical proficiency through rudiments and exercises.

3. Complete a listening test and answer general questions.

Playing Drums
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Why Sit An Exam?

Exams aren't for everyone, but for those students who would like to challenge themselves and work towards a goal, sitting an exam is a great motivational tool.

The exam process is simple, but the analysis of the performance is where Melbourne Drumming exams really take it to another level. Every part of the exam is filmed and professionally recorded so the students can achieve a deep understanding of their playing.

Some other exam series rush the students through in 10mins. We take our time with each student, ensuring they are comfortable, confident and given the best chance to perform at their best!

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