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Prelude No 1 in C Major

The incredibly famous Prelude No. 1 in C Major by J.S. Bach is possibly one of the most popular pieces performed on marimba due to its beautiful simplicity and endless arpeggiated passages. 


Originally written for piano in 1722, I have arranged this for a four octave marimba and added suggestions for the harmony above in chord symbols to help the student understand what they may be playing. Of course, if you'd prefer a version without the chord symbols and arranged for a 5-octave marimba (which would probably sound better, once you get below the C in bass clef), then don't hesitate to ask!

Prelude No 1 in C Major

  • Prelude No.1 in C Major by J.S. Bach

    This arrangement is for a 4 octave marimba (lowest note is C3, below middle C).

    The piece would work better on a 5 octave marimba, so if you have one available. please ask for an altered arrangement!

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